Importance of Inspection

Why is a home inspection important? Emotion often affects the buyer and makes it hard to imagine any problems with their new home. A buyer needs a home inspection to find out all the problems possible with the home before moving in. Once your inspection is performed, do not wait on the agent to assist you. Review the inspection and make a list of items you think the seller should address and present them to the agent in a timely manner. While the inspection is not meant to be a tool for re-negotiations, many times it becomes one. Don’t let your brother or uncle or a friend do it. You are not saving any money by letting a friend look. Even if he is a contractor, it does not mean that he is a good inspector. You need a qualified, unbiased inspection, so when the inspector does find problems, they won’t be easily minimized by the other parties because your uncle or friend did the inspection. Why a home inspection is a smart investment. Whether this is your first time buying a home or you have bought and sold many homes, 1 Day Home Inspection recommends you obtain a professional home inspection to take advantage of these benefits:

• Find out what type of systems and components exist in your new home.

• Determine the condition of the systems and major components of the home.

• Understand how the systems and structural components of your new home function.

• Learn how to maintain your new home to improve the enjoyment and value of your home.